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alt design of a Night In The Woods npc i designed and animated for the game.

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I love Indiegogo campaigns, I think they’re really great, but when I see the same people start fund after fund, listing all of their new personal crises, I really have to wonder at what point they’re going to take control of their own financial responsibilities.

I mean, these are people that have jobs, and certainly the means and ability to find secondary incomes. If an emergency arrises, you dig deep, and pay it back. It’s not ever easy, but that’s what you do.

It’s not a matter of abysmal luck, or terrible circumstance, it’s shitty personal finance. Somebody needs to teach these people how to better manage their money.


The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

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First optometrist appointment in years, and the results are…. Uh, a tad upsetting. Lazy eye is just starting to return, and my last doctor overcompensated for my one eye, meaning I’ve been straining it for years. Combined, that’s the reason I’m incredibly uncomfortable wearing glasses at the computer, or reading.

New glasses, and I should be good. Hopefully this also means that drawing will be comfortable again, and I can spend longer, more patient periods working.

Home is where the wifi at.

Psshaw I can’t give you art on your bday because I don’t have Internet til Monday. How will you know I love you.