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British songstress Gemma Ray’s cover of Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick”

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Abandoned Duck Blinds | Dave Jordano | Via

Along the banks of the Mississippi River on the solid ice, duck hunters set up blinds, a cover device designed to conceal, and at the same time, shelter hunters while they wait for ducks to fly overhead. Duck blinds can be as simple as a natural depression on the ground, but in Midwestern United States, they are often elaborate structures, approaching the size and function of a small cabin with amenities.

In the winter of 2008, when photographer Dave Jordano headed West from Chicago, his home base, to the frozen Mississippi he chanced upon these structures, frail from being exposed to the elements. At first glance, there’s not much to a duck blind - they’re humble, often small structures made of simple materials—wood, paint, nails, netting, and bits of brush or grass. But Dave Jordano could see the beauty in them.

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The Lucksmiths - English Murder Mystery

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I ate excess amounts of fast food for a month, so imagine my disappointment when I learned I’d lost weight.

I am simultaneously fat and tiny. Gross.

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This season has awesome color styling, and its thanks to our amazing Color Stylist Daniaelle Simonsen!

Cleanup by Erik Elizarrez, character design by Ali Danesh & Robertryan Cory. Prop design by Sarah Craig

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I like how occasionally mentioning the fact that I’m really anxious works wonders on soothing my stomach, so here it is again. I refuse to puke.