Izakaya Kinoya | Jean de Lessard | Via

For its latest Kinoya, interior designer Jean de Lessard has tapped into the sources to emulate in his design the primary spirit, function and aesthetics of the izakaya, as the latter was originally an informal place where people drank beer and sake. The transformation is particularly unusual that it explores through extreme design intimacy in relationships between people, making of Kinoya a true representation of the unique approach the designer has developed about the different ways of occupying a space.

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I want to make a fursuit

I love how I’ve overcome just about every fear and anxiety that used to plague me, but making a goddamn phone call is still impossible.

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by David McLeod

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I finished watching all of bojack, and I gotta say, this show has fucked me up. Just a little.

Good work, team.

I started watching Bojack Horseman tonight looking for a laugh. It is funny. It also quickly becomes massively depressing.

I recommend it.


Didn’t have much time/energy to do more than a scribble today. But anyway, #VillainMonth Day 6: The Lizard

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I can’t believe I forgot to post photos of the Audrey II cel and I made for Animazement!

The mouth is a bit of a rushed job but I thought the rest of it turned out really well

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